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Environmental andEthical Statement

At AB Supplies Ltd, we always purchase from a vendor we have inspected and approved personally. We believe that business should be conducted with total respect for people and the environment. We adopt a rigorous selection process for manufacturers, ensuring only those that are totally committed to exceeding our high ethical standards become appointed vendors.


We recognise that our business activities affect the natural environment in a number of ways. We strive through continuing improvement to minimise the adverse effects on the environment and the earth’s natural resources, whilst safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and the public. We purposely seek out vendors who take positive action to minimise both waste and the impact of their manufacturing processes on the surrounding environment.

We are a member of Sedex. Sedex is the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, which is committed to the continuous improvement of the ethical performance of supply chains and is open to companies throughout the world.

We aim to always:
  • Comply with or exceed relevant legislative requirements. Where these are inadequate we will set our own standards that comply with our environmental and ethical criteria.
  • Encourage manufacturing suppliers to recognise their environmental responsibilities and offer support to help them implement sound environmental health and safety policies and practices.
  • Design and manufacture our products with consideration for the environment.
  • Reduce progressively the environmental impact caused by our products and activities.


Our products are manufactured by different organisations employing thousands of people in many countries. We recognise and honour our duty to protect the workforce used in the manufacture of our products and work tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure the provision of fair wages and working hours, sage and hygienic working conditions, regular employment and no discrimination or harsh or inhumane treatment of employees.

Each appointed vendor must comply with national and other applicable laws and conform to the following terms as a minimum requirement;

  • Children must not be employed below the legal minimum age required by the law of the individual country.
  • Employees are to be paid no less than the legal minimum wage as required by the law of the individual country and maternity leave must be made available to all female employees.
  • Working hours must not exceed those set out by local legislation and overtime must be voluntary and always paid at a premium rate.
  • Employment is freely chosen and no discrimination is practised. There is no use of forced or involuntary labour and employees are free to leave their employment after reasonable notice.
  • Good working conditions must prevail. The provision of adequate wash room facilities and a canteen are essential.
  • Primary medical care must be provided on site.
  • Workers representatives are not discriminated against and are allowed access to the workplace to carry out their representative functions.

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